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Corporate Profile

Meghna Petroleum Limited (MPL) was set upon December27, 1977 under Company Act 1913 (later on company Act 1994), as a private limited company with the objectives of taking over the physical possession of all the fixed assets of the erst while Meghna Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (MPMCL) and Padma Petroleum Limited (PPL) as on March 31, 1978. Meghna Petroleum Marketing Company Limited was created after acquiring the operation of the then ESSO Eastern Inc. (1962) of America in 1975 and Padma Petroleum Limited was created in 1972 after acquiring the operation of the then Dawood Petroleum Limited (1968). In the year 1976 the assets and liability of the company were transferred and handedover to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) as per BPC Ordinance no. LXXXVIII. Since then Meghna Petroleum Limited has been functioning as a subsidiary of BPC.

The Company started its journey with an Authorized Capital and Paid-up Capital of Tk. 100 million and Tk. 50 million respectively. The Company was convertedinto Public Limited Company from a Private Limited Company on 29th May 2007 and its Authorized Capital was increasedto Tk, 4000 million. On 25th February 2012 the Paid-up Capital of the Company was increased to 630.63 million by issuing Bonus Share.

The Company was enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited (CSE) on 14lh November 2007 and2"d December 2007 respectively with a view of offload of 30% i.e. 1.20 Crore shares under direct listing procedure. On 14* January, 2008 the shares of the company were off-loaded in the two Capital Market. Later on as per Govt, decision BPC has been off-loaded enother 17% share of the Company during the period from July' 11 to Septemberl 1 under the same procedure. At present there is a Board of Directors comprising of 8 members to run the company. The overall activities of the company are performed with the approval of the Board of Directors. Corporate Head Quarter Resident Office Main Installation Date of Incorporation Business line Company Status Authorized Capital Pa id-Up-Capital Number of Employees